France Gifts Medicines


The second consignment of medical equipment and supplies, donated by the French Government, arrived in
Sri Lanka last week, the French Embassy in Sri Lanka said yesterday (9).

This supply of around 2,000 kg of medicines, packed in 30 transportable kits, with each kit carrying these ‘essential’ medicines, for emergency treatment, comprise 13 kits for adults, eight kits for emergency basic pediatric treatment and nine basic treatment kits for adults.

This recent special package of medicines is designed to provide and be adapted to, in response to emergency situations like natural disasters and could be deployed by medical teams from the Health Ministry, Sri Lankan Red Cross or NGOs, the Embassy statement said. Additionally, a complementary consignment of basic medicines is added for hospitals, it said.

They will soon be handed over to Health Ministry authorities soon by France’s Ambassador Eric Lavertu. This grant aid of medicines was as a result of a request, made by the Government of Sri Lanka, for humanitarian aid in the form of medical supplies for the people of Sri Lanka, the Embassy said.

France will maintain its dynamic and friendly cooperation with Sri Lanka in the difficult situation faced by the country, the statement said.