The Cabinet of Ministers approved the establishment of a Cabinet sub-committee on Cost of Living to provide recommendations on policy and practical solutions necessary to maintain the cost of living.

The Cabinet Paper was submitted by the President to stablise the cost of living by ensuring that food and other essential materials are supplied to the market without shortage.

The Food Security Committee will assist the work of the sub-committee on trade and commerce and to form the committee under the chairmanship of the Minister of Food Safety.

Meanwhile, it has been recognised that it is appropriate to establish Cabinet Sub Committees enabling a time frame for policy decisions to be made during Cabinet meetings and to make recommendations to the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the subjects that need to be studied and decided upon in depth of legal and other matters. Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposals presented by the President to establish the Cabinet Subcommittee on Public Expenditure Management chaired by the President in order to submit policy recommendations to the Cabinet on the proposals related to public expenditure such as the initiation of new projects and procurement activities and to establish Cabinet Subcommittee on Institutional Affairs chaired by the Prime Minister to study matters related to institutional affairs such as appointments, promotions, transfers and disciplinary action in the public service and to submit policy study matters related to public service appointments, promotions, transfers and disciplinary action and make policy recommendations to the Cabinet.