SLCSP condemns Israel’s Gaza strip bombing


The Sri Lanka Committee for Solidarity with Palestine (SLCSP) vehemently condemned the recent aerial bombing of the Gaza Strip of Palestine by Israel. In a statement, the SLCSP said the total death toll rose to 29 citizens as at 8 August, including six children with 253 civilians wounded, according to the Ministry of Health of Palestine. “We demand the immediate cessation of all military action by Israel.

Israel’s aggression is what prompts the defensive armed actions by the Palestinian people who continue to suffer nearly a century of militarised colonial occupation. This sustained criminal aggression, against a long-besieged Palestinian nation forced to live in small areas of what was originally their native homeland, is a genocide crime against humanity,” the SLCSP said.

The Committee demanded that all States that militarily support Israeli apartheid be held complicit with these ‘genocidal atrocities.’

Furthermore, the SLCSP called on the United Nations, to impose punitive sanctions against Israel.