QR code for fuel rackets in Matale


Several incidents of fraudulently obtaining the QR code, introduced for providing fuel and fraudulently obtaining the fuel quota of others have been reported from many areas in Matale. This situation has arisen because the majority of QR codes are created by bookstores and communications.

Consumers claim that people who obtain faulty, printed papers or codes that have been removed from stations present them subtly to fuel stations and obtain fuel.

It has also been observed that some people have copied licence plate photos and conveniently pasted them on their vehicles. Then, by photographing them, someone can use their fuel fraudulently. A retired teacher, who obtained a QR code from a shop in Naula town, claims that when he went to get fuel the next day, he received a short message that the quantity of fuel had been obtained for the same number that morning.

A lot of information has been reported about many such incidents, and many fuel station owners have stated in their comments that people should take care not to let others have their QR codes.

By I. A. Kumara – Naula