NBRO geologists inspect weather-affected buildings


National Building Research Organisation (NBRO) Nuwara Eliya geologists inspected several other buildings, including the four-storey building that has begun to lean to a side in MR Road, Dikoya, Hatton, and the surrounding area.

Geologist Buddhika Wijekoon said, after inspecting some of the buildings, it was discovered that they are in danger of collapsing if there are any changes in the ground.

It was observed that a four-storey building at that location was beginning to lean to one side and a group of people there were told to evacuate, while another group was told to stay and observe the instability occurring in the buildings, but they were also told to conduct inspections.

According to the current situation, the inspection has confirmed that the building will not collapse immediately and instructions have been given to submit the permits, plans, and preliminary files for the construction of the building, and steps will be taken to provide conclusions after checking the same.

He also opened the Gaminipura entrance road, which had previously been closed to traffic

The walls of these buildings and the ground around them cracked and exploded on August 1 due to heavy rains caused by the activation of the southwest monsoon.

By Channa Addarage – Hatton