‘Aragalaya’ activists arbitrarily arrested –Stalin


General Secretary of Ceylon Teachers’ Union (CTU) Joseph Stalin, said that the Government is arbitrarily arresting those who actively participated in the ‘Aragalaya’ using their selfies, taken when they were inside the President’s House, in Fort, the Presidential Secretariat and the Temple Trees on and after 9 July.

Stalin was arrested last Wednesday (3), for allegedly violating a Court order during a protest at Bank of Ceylon Mawatha on May 28. He was granted bail yesterday (8).

Speaking to the media after getting bail, he pointed out that he met such activists when he was remanded last week and the charge against them was that they entered Government buildings by force, however, the evidence for that was the ‘selfies’ taken from their mobile phones.

He accused President Ranil Wickremesinghe, who came to power through the ‘Aragalaya’, of being unable to solve the country’s burning problems and therefore had started to suppress the people who raised their voice against the corrupt system.

Stalin said he was arrested while at office. “I was detained at a Police station for 24 hours and finally taken to the official residence of the Magistrate.”

“The people’s struggle cannot be suppressed in any way through such arbitrary arrests. People were struggling to find solutions to the crises. The struggle will be continued after the end of this brutal process, hoping for a change in the system,” he said.

BY Savani Seshadhi and Hansi Nanayakkara