All-Party Govt the only solution – Muzammil


An All-Party Government is the only solution to overcome the current economic and political crisis, Independent MP Mohomad Muzammil said yesterday (8), after participating in a discussion held at the Election Commission of Sri Lanka in Rajagiriya.

“The group of independent MPs was the first to propose an All-Party Government. We knew that it would be a good remedy for this ongoing crisis.

Therefore we accepted the invitation of the President. We believe that all parties represented in the parliament must agree to support forming an All-Party Government. It will not be possible to overcome this crisis through a segregated process,” he said.

Apart from Muzammil several other MPs, who joined the discussion, also commented on forming an All-Party Government.

Speaking to the media MP Lasantha Alagiyawanna, who represented the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) said that they have already had discussions with the President regarding an All-Party Government and it will probably work. He also said that all-party Government must give its priority to finding a solution to the crisis rather than gaining positions in the government.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Tamil People’s National Alliance MP C.V. Vigneswaran said that they will support to an All-Party Government only if the President give what he promised, including releasing political prisoners.

“We have presented a series of proposals to the President when he was the Prime Minister and he promised to give what we want. It includes the release of political prisoners also. That is why we voted for him in poll in Parliament. We are watching to see if the President will act according to those proposals or not,” he added.

In addition, Independent MP Asanka Navaratne said that they have proposed a procedure to find solutions for this crisis by forming a National Executive Council.

BY Sahan Tennekoon