Legal independence paramount – Rev. Fr. Mendis


The basic requirement for the system change that the people want is legal independence and a transparent audit mechanism, Bishop of Chilaw and Kandy Dioceses, Rev. Fr. Valence Mendis said.

Fr. Mendis queried about the fate of the Bribery Commission.“Before all this, at the very least, the previous 19th Amendment to the Constitution should be reinstated,”he said, adding that everyone should have realised this by now.“People cannot be duped indefinitely by childish stories laced with rhetoric.”

He likened Sri Lanka to a ship which had suffered an engine failure.“Everyone is looking for the paddle to help them get ashore. I am not sure if those on board would have to swim,” he said, adding that not everyone knew how to swim.

“This country’s political leaders have brought the country to an unimaginable state. It is not something that happened in two or three years, but something that took 50 or 60 years of governance. We are all indebted to other countries,”Bishop Mendis lamented, appealing to the country’s leaders to think about the citizens before thinking about anything else.

“Think of the plight they find themselves in today. Fathers and brothers of families are forced to spend hours and days in fuel queues, fishermen struggle without fuel to go to sea to earn a living,farmers are struggling without fuel and fertiliser, while children are starving without food. Think about the plight of helpless mothers! Think of how to redeem the citizens of this country as early as possible.”

“Long-term plans are good. But first think about how to raise those people who are dropping dead or fainting on the side of the road due to starvation and stress,”Bishop Mendis urged the leaders of the island. 

“Think of ways and means to bring down the cost of essential goods and medicines and submit proposals. This kind of sadness, injustice, and pain has never been seen in our country even during the 30-year war,”lamented the Chilaw Bishop.

He said the country’s leaders should first find solutions to these problems before talking about anything else. He urged them to hold all-party conferences and discuss these issues.

“Who should be held responsible for this situation,” he queried.

“Does this country have no law to probe this, or is the law non-functional? The same thing happened with the Easter Sunday Attacks in 2019. The Presidential Commission report clearly names persons who should be investigated. Why are they not being spoken about?,” he queried.

By Dilanthi Jayamanne


  1. The closing of all universities by the authorities had further aggravated the situation and created an atmosphere for the extremist groups such as the JVP and the FSP to tune-up their sympathizers to give the leadership for all the violence that occurred since March 9th, 2020. Sad to say, the Bar Association of Sri Lanka who has many sympathizers of the JVP and FSP/extremist thoughts, provided all the legal support to up-hold the heat of the “Aragalaya” free of charge so that the so-called protest hooligans were released from lawful arrests on bail application to get back to their “unlawful activities. Sad to say – President Gotabaya Rajapaksa failed to understand the mentality of these culprits and did “NOT” nip the bud in the beginning. Truly he paid the price for that. But Gotabaya also failed to do that little bit (bring all the corrupt officials and government servants as he promised during the last 31 months) before the law and punish them. THIS WAS NOT JUST AN ARAGALYA OF THE YOUTH, IT HAS MORE DEEP INVOLVEMENTS. What ever new political powers may take charge of the country, it is the RIGHT of the people to have answers to the above questions raised. During the emergency debate, only a small fraction of the truth was revealed by some MP’s regarding corruption, but there is more to it. The few arrests that have taken place confirm those revelations. Some of the social media and national media has censored the writer of being critical of the corruption of politicians and government servants of all ranks. The writer has been calling the attention of those responsible in many occasions since March 22nd., 2022, but with no available. The writer had also warned about the activities of a particular media digital channel on YouTube that was playing a very dangerous “instigating/rousing” mindset among the so-called rioters, supported by many other YouTube channels in Tamil too. At least the general public feel now that President Ranil and the SLPP government will be able to track down all the answers asked by the 69 lakhs of voters and bring to book the culprits, within a short time.
    Noor Nizam – Peace and Political Activist, Political Communications Researcher, SLFP/SLPP Stalwart,, Patriotic Citizen.

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