HIP provides essential items worth USD 100,000 to the underprivileged


The Hambantota International Port (HIP) completed yet another event on their CSR calendar yesterday, with the distribution of essential household items and food to Samurdhi recipients in the Hambantota District. The Port reached out to its surrounding underprivileged communities with USD 100,000 worth of essential items under this initiative.

“Our programmes are usually geared towards a more sustainable approach where we are working with these communities to help them develop livelihoods,so that they can be an active part of the supply chain. However, we also know that under the current conditions, we need to be helping directly with daily essentials,” said Johnson Liu, CEO, HIPG. The CEO added that the Port was wholly invested in building the lives of surrounding communities, as much as developing and expanding its business operations.“We have always been caring towards people around us and are taking a systemic approach to their development and well-being. Our intention is to create more jobs for the region, and the well-being of our surrounding communities is a vital part of our work.”The CEO said the port’s surrounding communities will reap the benefits of the development work spearheaded by HIPG.

This initiative was carried out through the ‘Sammawayama,’ Social Welfare Foundation of the Galwila Temple.9 major temples belonging to the foundation participated in HIP’s initiative and the distribution was carried out in 7 divisions via 6 centres connected to the respective temples. 1,250 underprivileged families amongst these communities received packs of essential food items, while 700 children attending Dhahampasal received stationery items for school. This is a follow on to the support HIPG provides the Buddhist temples in the districts in the form of supplying a meal to children attending the Sunday schools from 2018.The project is. sponsored by China Merchant Foundation (CMF), the CSR arm of the China Merchant Group and coordinated by HIP. The initiative had the participation of the entire company, with each department taking responsibility for a centre.

On 27May 2022, HIPG marked the symbolic beginning of their flagship community development project, ‘Hope Village.’The Hambantota Port Hope Village concept is to build communities to get involved in animal husbandry and agriculture so that they could use it for their daily needs as well as sell the excess produce. The purpose is to uplift the rural community and improve living conditions of people in the area.

The port has been involved in a series of projects for the betterment of the surrounding community. The human-elephant peace project is ongoing in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Department and the Divisional Secretariat to mitigate the issue.