EC summons party secys


The secretaries of all political parties, represented in Parliament, have been summoned to the Election Commission today (8), to discuss the report of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Election Law Reform that was submitted to the Parliament.

Chairman of the National Election Commission Nimal Punchihewa has summoned the secretaries of the 15 political parties represented in Parliament to attend this discussion.

Punchihewa said the report of the Parliament  Select Committee contains numerous proposals to strengthen the country’s electoral system and expand democracy. The chairman also stated that the majority of the proposals in this resolution have been agreed upon by the political parties, but a few have not.

He also said the discussion will centre on making the proposals that were agreed to be legalised in the future, as well as preparing and expediting an implementation programme.

“The political parties will discuss the proposals that were not agreed upon, identify the problems, and take alternative measures,” he said, adding that he hopes to discuss the issue with political parties, civil organisations, and monitoring organisations that do not have representation in the parliament.

By Amith Maduranga Gamage