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Eating good food that tickles your taste buds, does not have to get in the way of you looking good. Many people may think that fashion and food are an unlikely match, but I’ve seen a recent spike in beautiful, well-produced blogs and websites that cover both. Food influencers have been whetting the appetites of followers since the dawn of social media content creation.

Street style shots are like the food porn of fashion blogs, and now, drool-worthy dishes and hot clothes are being combined. The combination of fashion and food has resulted in an exclusive group of stylish bloggers who are posting delicious pictures of what they eat while carrying the latest Gucci bag which will make you drool as much, if not more, as the food.

Aaliya Mohamed is currently working full-time as a Design Lead at MAS Holdings. She holds a decade of experience in the apparel industry. Specialising in activewear and has worked with multiple world-renowned brands such as GAP, Athleta, Oysho, Walmart, Savage X, SKIMS and many more. Aaliya has proudly contributed to numerous external activewear design projects through MAS including the Commonwealth Games and Olympics for Sri Lankan athletics sportswear. Activewear is her claim to fame and forte.

As a part-time hobby, Aaliya stumbled into grubbing and food writing. She is popularly known by her Instagram blog and website ‘The Urbane Grub’, which kicked off in 2017. The blog predominantly focuses on food and lifestyle, where she spends her free time exploring new places and travelling around Sri Lanka and overseas.

The blog features a mix of personal style, quirky shopping roundups, and detailed recipes and food reviews. Aaliya gives you the perfect mix of style and food in her seriously cool blog. Her Instagram feed is visually stunning, with local dishes and various culinary styles from around the globe all coming together in a kaleidoscope of colour and meticulous presentation. Her content is super helpful and relatable!

Describe your sense of style?

‘Versatile’. As much as I do have a few selective looks I love, my personality and social background allow me to explore my sense of fashion a little beyond my everyday ‘jeans and tee’. I can swifty transform from modern casuals to a complete ethnic look and still feel confident in it. My wardrobe is absolutely versatile with a mix of casuals, tailored ethnics, street, formals, statement pieces and activewear. Fashion diversity is extremely important to me.

What does fashion mean to you?

‘Fashion’ to me is being able to express myself through what I wear on a daily basis, paying close attention to my moods, emotions and occasion. It’s a timeless expression that grows with me and never goes stale. I like to embrace the ‘hassle fee’ in a way that’s adaptable and complements my true self.

We asked Aaliya her top five fashion advice?

– Be inspired but find your uniqueness

– Accept your body shape: Select silhouettes that flatter your body shape

– Invest in statement pieces: It’s the icing to the cake when dressing up

– Practise high-low dressing by merging high-end with high-street: This way you won’t over do it because no one wants to look like a walking Gucci store

– Comfort over fashion: Those timeless cores in your wardrobe can never go wrong for you

By Shafiya Nawer