Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood


Once upon a time there was a little girl called Red Riding Hood. She was a good girl. One day her mother said to the little girl,

 “Red Riding Hood, you must go to your grandmother’s place to give these cupcakes because she is ill.”

Then Red Riding Hood asked, “Do I have to go through the forest?” “Yes, my dear” replied her mother.

Then she said “OK mother, I will give the cupcakes to my grandmother. Don’t worry. Now I’m big enough to go alone without you.”

Then she went to the forest. At once she saw a wolf with spiky hair and an angry face. He looked like a very hungry wolf.

Then she asked, “Are you a bad wolf?”

“No, I’m a good one. Where are you going darling?” asked the hungry wolf. “I am going to my grandmother’s house because, she can’t walk and she is sick. I bring food for her every day.”

The bad wolf ran fast to grandmother’s house and he entered the door. Then

grandmother asked,

“Who is this?”

“It’s me, grandmother” the bad wolf replied like Red Riding Hood. Then grandmother allowed him to come inside. At once, the door was opened and the bad wolf ate grandmother at once.  After that the bad wolf wore grandmother’s night dress and put her glasses and waited until Red Riding Hood came.  

 Red Riding Hood entered her grandmother’s house and looked for her. But she couldn’t find her grandmother anywhere. Then she saw that the hungry wolf was laid on her grandmother’s bed. 

At once, she cried loudly, “ahhhhhhh!” then the bad wolf jumped to little Red Riding Hood.

There was a hunter behind the grandmother’s house, he came to the forest to hunt for animals. Suddenly, he heard somebody shouting and he ran inside the house. After he opened the door, he killed the wolf. Then the hunter heard a noise coming from the wolf’s tummy. He opened the wolf’s belly and then he saw a girl and an old lady. Then Red Riding Hood thanked the man. She and her grandmother were very happy.

After they heard the story, the hunter advised Red Riding Hood not to talk with strangers.

By Senara Piyasena