President meets Galle Face Protesters


President Ranil Wickremesinghe has said Emergency Regulations will not be lifted anytime soon, although lifting the regulations is important for the economic and social stability of the country.

Wickremesinghe made this remark when representatives of several groups, who are stakeholders of ‘Aragalaya’ met President Wickremesinghe on Friday (5) at the Presidential Secretariat.

Representatives from Sarwapakshika Aragalakaruwo, Black Caps Movement, Liberal Brotherhood, One Plus Organisation and several other persons attended the meeting.

The President requested them to establish a common organisation to represent all the stakeholders of ‘Aragalaya.” He said that such an organisation should be inclusive and representatives of all the religions, ethnicities and women participation should be included.

Wickremesinghe also said he would like to propose the Floating Market in Pettah and few other places to carry out a programme that includes libraries, political study centres, art centres etc. The President requested the Aragalaya representatives to present a proposal with regard to that.

When the Aragalaya representatives requested Wickremesinghe to lift the Emergency Regulations, the latter said it would not be lifted anytime soon.

The President pointed out lifting the Emergency Regulations soon is important to secure the economic and social stability of the country. However, it also has an effect in administration of the country. The Aragalaya stakeholders also requested Wickremesinghe to stop arbitrary arrests of those who participated in the recent protests.