Family health officers still stuck in fuel lines


Family health officers are still made to languish in fuel queues despite being identified as an essential service and the QR code system in place, the Family Health Service Officers’ Association (FHOA) lamented.

FHOA President, Devika Kodithuwakku told Celyon Today on Friday (5) that family health officers are forced to waste time in fuel queues to get four litres of petrol despite the QR code system being implemented.

“We are not asking for priority, but basic convenience of being able to obtain the quota of fuel  to carry out our duties in the field should be afforded to,” she appealed. 

Kodithuwakku noted that four litres of fuel is only adequate for an office employee with a motorbike to travel to and from work. But family health officers carry out their duties by going house to house, she said

“Family health officers serving in outstation areas have to travel long distances at times depending on the persons receiving their services. The situation at the moment is such that field employees of the State health service have started to wonder as to whether the Health Ministry and the Government are trying to put a stop to even the field work carried out by family health officers”.

Although the price of fuel was increased and public transport fares hiked, measures were not taken to increase the travel  allowance, Kodithuwakku observed. 

“Therefore the Health Ministry and government authorities should at least ensure that the health services don’t have to languish in fuel queues so they can carry out their services”.

By Dilanthi Jayamanne