BoI launches online visa recommendation system


Aimed at enhancing the Ease of Doing Business and accelerating digital transformation, the Board of Investment (BoI), the pinnacle body for investment promotion, announced the completion of the integration of the visa recommendation system in coordination with the Department of Immigration and Emigration and the Ministry of Defence to provide online visa recommendation for potential investors visiting Sri Lanka and all the enterprises that fall under the purview of the BoI.

The BoI had already completed the online system up to the point where investors/enterprises could submit the visa application online and obtain the approved application from the BoI. For this, the investors were required to make three physical visits to the BoI head office. However, with the integration with the Department of Immigration, there is no need for the investors to visit the BoI at all.   

Under the newly -launched system, visa recommendations will be granted under three visa categories namely, entry visas, residence visas, and when extending visas. In addition, the applicants, who will be eligible to apply for this, are the investor, employees, and dependents of the investor, and selected employees. 

One of the major benefits enjoyed by investors/enterprises out of the novel system, is the elimination of investors’ physical presence at the BoI saving their time. Investors can also monitor the online portal and review the status of the process.

Upon the completion of the process, the applicants will be notified via an SMS and email alert. Then, the applicants can take the passport and relevant documents to the Immigration Department where they will be issued the visa. Furthermore, this system will also safeguard against misuse in submission of information, down to the strict assessment.