Beauty and the Beast


Once upon a time there was a man who had three daughters. One day, the man had to go to work. The daughters asked their father to bring something back for them. Emily the first sister asked for a necklace. The second sister, Polly asked for a ring. Beauty the third sister asked for a rose.

The man had bought a necklace and a ring. Now the man had to find a rose for Beauty. He saw a castle and went to pluck some roses. Suddenly, a Beast appeared from nowhere and said to bring back the first thing he saw when he got home.

When the man went home the first thing he saw was Beauty. She agreed to go to stay with the Beast. The Beast was very kind and gentle to Beauty.

One day the Beast asked Beauty to marry him. But Beauty said, “no.” Beauty’s father was ill and she went to look after him.

When she came back she saw that the Beast was ill. Beauty said, “I love you and I will marry you.” Then a miracle happened. The Beast became a handsome young prince.

Then they married and lived happily ever after.

By Vathnulee De Silva