There has been a trend to investigate the life beyond the Earth from the Earth for the last two centuries.

The most prominent research institute of Aeronautics and Space Science (NASA) in America is working on that purpose by the combination of European Space Agency (ESA).

According to the historical records, they have found that there is life beyond the Earth.

As the example, drawing saved in the pyramids in Egypt manifestations that the life and related unidentified Flying Objects (UFO)s were recorded so many years ago. Those drawings indicate an advanced alien civilisation have visited our ancestors.

According to the historical sample of alien body preserved, scientists have proved that these living things’ tissues and cells are closer to human tissues and cells.

As mentioned in the translation, ‘Pitasakwala Demuhunakaraya’ written based on the file #123 the knowledge of the aliens is advanced enough to conduct genetical improvements by cloning and create new human-alien organisms. Further the translation indicates, the cloning is a threat to the existing alien life on the world.

Who are aliens?

Life that does not originate from Earth is called aliens. When the word ‘aliens; is mentioned somewhere, our imagination would be a medium size creature most likely to a human with a large head, long arms, tiny eyes, and a small mouth. But that’s not right. Because word ‘aliens; might mean micro-organisms or any kind of organism that does not originate from Earth.

The literature of aliens

Aliens have been to Earth since Egyptian civilisation. Some folk tales say the people lived in the Egyptian civilisation got aliens’ help to build pyramid up. Ancient Egypt folks built pyramids as their tops face a specific star.

What do we know about aliens?

Also we know that there are three places from which come aliens. They are the Beetlejuice Star, Sirius, Star and the Orion Constellation. The body shape, size of an alien depends on their home from which they come.

Evidences found and seen about aliens

The 19th century was very special to America, because many flying saucers were seen by local citizens. It simply was a century of flying saucers. The American Air Force was busy with the world war when these flying things appeared. It was serious when it began to disappear people. Among them Barney and Betty Hills were kidnapped twice or thrice.

In 1947, an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) crashed down to Roswell, New Mexico, United States.

By K.W. Sathini Sudamsa