Agri Ministry to sell 50kg urea bag at Rs 15,000


The Ministry of Agriculture has decided to provide a 50 kg bundle of urea fertiliser for potato, maize and tea cultivation at a price of Rs 15,000.

“Certain Politicians had expressed that the urea fertiliser provided by the Indian Government is of inferior quality and is toxic while also alleging that the Biurate percentage of this fertiliser is more than 1.5 due to which paddy saplings will be burnt and destroyed,” Minister of Agriculture, Mahinda Amaraweera said adding however that farmers, through application to their crops have acknowledged that the fertiliser is of the highest quality.

He noted thereby that there has been an increased demand for this fertiliser for every crop adding thereby that the fertiliser reserves will be distributed for cultivation during the Maha harvest season.

By 3 August, we have distributed 30,000 MT of imported urea fertiliser and most of it has been given to the North-Central Province, he said. While the urea fertiliser has been distributed for maize, paddy and tea crops, requests have been made to provide urea fertiliser to farmers who cultivate potatoes, due to which the bundle will be provided, he added.