Unvaccinated persons must get jab – Dr. Abeysinghe


Consultant Epidemiologist, Dr. Nihal Abeysinghe said the health authorities should strive to identify those who have not received at least a single dose of Covid-19 vaccines and convince them to get such vaccines, rather than imploring the public to obtain the booster vaccine.

He said if this measure is not undertaken forthwith, then those who have received the dose of vaccines as well as children who have not been vaccinated could be placed at risk of contracting the virus.

Dr. Abeysinghe added that even though those who had received either the second or third doses of vaccines can still contract the virus, the chances of them not succumbing to its symptoms are higher.

He said wearing of masks in public places, constant washing of hands, use of sanitisers, and maintaining social distancing are of paramount importance to avoid contracting the virus. 

By Anurada Herath