Restore Law and Order, Discipline and Meritocracy


During the past few weeks, the writer has read several revealing and well written articles, in the press, chronologically analysing our current predicament. Now, it is high time to find specific solutions to mitigate the crisis through urgent ‘system changes’ involving the Economy, Electoral Systems and the Constitution, leading to reformation of our Political, Public Service, People and the Mass Media culture and implement them faithfully. In regard to Electoral reforms upstaged by the peaceful and intelligent Youth in the ‘Aragala Bhoomiya’, it is imperative to fast-track critical ‘System changes’ based on Fairness, Result Accuracy and Meritocracy forcing a true Sri Lankan Democracy, before holding any Election, as detailed in several articles to the press and requests to the authorities by the writer over the last several years!

In the meantime, it is essential to enhance staff productivity in Government offices, Police and the Judiciary through effective systems and procedures, using advanced Computer and Communication Technology, Mass media and efficient Roll-out systems. We have heard of some re-organisation and re-engineering projects being undertaken in the public service with funding from International aid agencies. Unfortunately, they are not properly implemented inter alia due to vested interests of politicised Trade Unions. Further, it is imperative to instill good work ethics and courtesy among the Public service staff through ‘Customer care’ training as service delays compel the public to go behind corrupt politicians who eventually become ‘Demi Gods’!

The cultural change among the People and the Mass Media needs to be fast tracked by restoring Law and order, Discipline and Meritocracy through robust leadership and continuous training and monitoring at all levels of Public Administration and Private enterprises. They are essential prerequisites to win the confidence of International Investors and lenders who can mitigate our Dollar crisis. We have already lost a golden opportunity to host the Cricket ‘Asia Cup’ which could have triggered a substantial inflow of Dollars and Tourists.

Let’s get down to business before we get doomed by the fall out!

Bernard Fernando


Email: [email protected]