Webtoons are a great way to consume bite-sized media and stories when on the go. Carrying a book around or reading one on your phone screen can get a bit cumbersome, but with the vertical scrolling and illustrative format of webtoons (also known as web-comics) make it the perfect choice to have a quick read or follow an interesting story while on the bus, or when you have a few minutes to spare. Not only that, webtoons as a story-telling medium has come a long way, and now tell an array of exciting stories that will keep you hooked.

If you want to get into the world of webtoons, or are looking for something new to read, here are a couple of suggestions that might be to your liking.

A Man’s Man

Stories that allow a flawed character to get a second chance at life are a dime-a-dozen now in almost every form of popular media. But some titles manage to stick their landing better than others. In A Man’s Man, the story follows the story of Yuhyeon, the youngest CEO of Hansung.

Unfortunately, because of Hansung’s toxic work culture, riddled with internal politics, in which Yuhyeon himself participated in to climb up the ranks, even at the cost of everyone around him. Truly alone, even at the height of his career, Yuhyeon regrets his past actions, and wonders what he would do if he could do it all over again.

He doesn’t have to wonder for long. He wakes up the next day, 20 years younger at the beginning of his career. Yuhyeon decides to take advantage of his memories of the future, making use of his skills and insights that made him CEO, to fix his broken relationships and battle the enablers of Hansung’s cut-throat work environment.

I agree that this also falls into a form of escapist power fantasy and wish fulfilment, but it genuinely is very satisfying to see how the main character plots, plans and schemes his way to right the wrongs he committed in his past. But then arises the question if our protagonist really has changed his ways, but that is yet to be fully explored in this ongoing series. But from what we’ve seen, it appears that this might also be addressed as the conclusion draws closer.

Shotgun Boy

Based on the same universe as Sweet Home, Shotgun Boy is a recently completed series that is more of a thriller than a horror based series dealing with a number of supernatural elements as well as maybe a government conspiracy or two. It takes place in a school field trip to a remote area that goes horribly wrong when bodysnatching unidentified creatures start appearing and terrorising the students as a result. When ensues is a bloodbath and a thrilling story that you never know where will take you.


Now this is a series I highly recommend. A crime thriller that has plenty of juicy twists and turns as well as a surprise ending that I certainly didn’t see coming. It all starts with our protagonist washing up on a remote island. Stranded and with no recollection of how he got there, he stumbles upon an old mansion which houses a family that graciously takes him in. However, things aren’t all as they seem in the family, and before long, you will discover that nothing is really as it seems in this island.

As much as I want to talk more about Pigpen, I highly recommend you read this web comic with zero background information beyond this, except for the knowledge that it is good, and tells a very compelling story that will keep you gripped from the first chapter to the finale.

My Life as a Loser

“My life was ruined after you bullied me in high school. So why do you get to be happy and successful?”

Jinu Kim, a victim of severe bullying, find out that his bullies during high school are now all successful individuals, whilst he is still struggling to get back on his feet after having a severe psychological breakdown as a result of his prolonged trauma.

In the brink of his death, Kim curses Ancheol Jang, who was the main source of his severe emotional and psychological trauma. As a result, the now grown up Ancheol Jang wakes up in the body of his victim, and the only way to return back is to endure four pivotal events that led to Kim’s nervous breakdown.

It’s funny how some titles can have extremely generic premises, stories and scenarios but still come out as great pieces of entertainment despite it all. My Life as a Loser is a great example to this fact. It sticks to the revenge fantasy trope but in truth, this is more of a redemption story for both the victim and the bully, which in the end wraps up in a very satisfying ending.

If you haven’t gotten into the world of Webtoons yet, I highly recommend you do. They have a number of bite-sized stories that will keep you entertained in those small moments of respite, and with the above titles, you’ll have a great list to get started from.

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage