Dullas says he risked ‘life and limb’


SLPP MP Dullas Alahapperuma said he came forward to contest the secret ballot held in Parliament on 20 July, to elect a new President, even at the risk of losing his life.

He said striving to aspire to the highest political office in the land against the well-established and entrenched VIP family circle, had placed his own life at risk.

But, the MP pointed out he had still attempted to rid the Nation of its myriad of issues, because of his genuine desire to usher in a new political culture, though his efforts ultimately proved to be in vain.

The MP said this during a weekly political talk show aired on a private television station on 1 August.

“During the past 74-year period since independence, Sri Lanka has had only four politicians or people, who have strived hard to tackle this particular well ensconced VIP family circle,” he opined.

“They are namely Vijaya Kumaratunga, Rohana Wijeweera, R. Premadasa, and V. Prabhakaran. But, see what plight they faced in the end. All four lost their lives basically on the road. See what sort of predicament those in this VIP family circle have faced. They’ve always led majestic lives and they have not suffered a pitiful plight as faced by those four that I have named. That is the political travesty of this country. Hence, by the same token, I too decided to follow in their footsteps by coming forward to contest the secret ballot in the House to elect the new President. It is beyond me to say right now what my future political plight would be. Let time be the judge of that.”

The MP explained those in the political grapevine are well aware of the cash that has been exchanged between rival groups of MPs, on the eve of the secret ballot in Parliament.

He said on the eve of the vote, he had 117 confirmed votes, which had shrunk by 35 on the day of the ballot, which alone underscores the fact that money had been thrown about faster than those at the IMF could cope with.

The MP, known for his forthright views, said his private mobile phone continues to be tapped to this day, by powerful elements in the Government.

But, he emphasised he will under no circumstance, deviate from his long-held belief of dismantling the well-established formidable VIP family circle here, for the future betterment of the people and the country.

Alahapperuma, a long-time ally of the Rajapaksa clan, could not be directly drawn on whether he had severed his links with the former First Family or not.

But, he expressed deep remorse over his party’s failure to fulfil the aspirations placed on the SLPP Government by 6.9 million people, who had voted for former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa at the 2019 Presidential Election. (JK)