BOC’s special Deposit schemes


There has never been a time where citizens could come to a common understanding that the success of an individual strongly depends on the foreground of the country’s economic development projection. And inadvertently the development of any community or country strongly depends on individual contribution and values upheld by all such individuals. 

 Addressing the pressing need to promote thrift and the saving habit among Sri Lankans, Bank of Ceylon strongly encourages all citizens to engage with the banking stream in whatever way possible to build up individual savings along with day-to-day thrift habits.   

While encouraging all Sri Lankans for their contribution to the initiative to build a financially secure future, the Bank extends an open invitation to take the advantage of its special deposit schemes that’s designed to yield a satisfying and a secured return for their hard earned money during these volatile times, a spokesman for the Bank said.

  Among a number of deposit schemes, Bank of Ceylon ‘100 Days Investment Scheme’ has emerged as one of the unique and popular savings propositions among its customers and within the banking and financial industry. It offers a compelling value proposition to earn high and secure returns on investments within a period of 100 days. The bank has been continuously improving the deposit product with a view to extend the benefits of this unique investment opportunity to a larger population, while enhancing the benefits of this industry pioneering deposit product to its customers.

Accordingly, this has been relaunched under three investment plans starting from a minimum deposit of Rs 500,000. The three investment plans include Rs 500,000 to Rs 1,499,999,  Rs1,500,000 to Rs2,499,999 and above Rs2,500,000. The short-term investment opportunity presents a rare opportunity for the public to gain the maximum benefit of the prevailing high interest rate by simply placing their idling-money or savings that gives lower return. Further, it also acts as a cushion for the public to protect the real value of their money under the current high inflationary environment, the spokesman added. 

 Similarly, Bank of Ceylon has come up with the ‘200 Days Investment scheme’ which can be opened with a Rs 500,000 minimum deposit comes with attractive returns and other benefits. The public can subscribe to the ‘200 Days Investment scheme’ in three investment plans that includes Rs 500,000 to Rs 1,499,999,  Rs 1,500,000 to Rs 2,499,999 and above Rs 2,500,000 in order to enjoy higher short-term return on their investments with guaranteed security for their deposits.

  For investors looking to make higher returns over a longer time period, ‘BOC Double Your Investment’ offers to double the investment within just four year period. With a minimum of Rs 1,000,000 investment, the public can join this scheme to double their investment at the end of a four-year maturity period. Therefore,  ‘BOC Double Your Investment’ in no doubt is the most attractive investment proposition for such investors for highest-yielding secure returns, the spokesman said.