Agrochemical glyphosate ban to be lifted – Amaraweera


The ban imposed on agrochemical glyphosate will be lifted within the next two months if agricultural experts and other stakeholders recommend such a move, Minister of Agriculture Mahinda Amaraweeera said.

He added that several are of the opinion that in order to get a proper harvest from crops such as maize, tea, paddy, and chilli, the ban on chemicals presently imposed for weed control should be removed.

Amaraweera also said scholars, farmers’ representatives, farmers’ organisations, and several other stakeholders have also submitted their ideas and suggestions.

Amaraweera further said although a ban on glyphosate is in place at present, some have smuggled it from India and sold it at an inflated price of Rs 12,500 for four litres, adding thereby that experts on the subject of agriculture and several other are presently being consulted to lift the ban. He said following receiving the recommendations, a Cabinet Paper will be submitted if a decision to lift the ban is arrived at.

By Faadhila Thassim