HNB FINANCE hosts 12th AGM through hybrid meeting


HNB FINANCE PLC, successfully hosted its 12th consecutive Annual General Meeting (AGM) through a hybrid setup on 26 July 2022, at the HNB FINANCE Auditorium in Nawala.

The event was live-streamed to all shareholders who were connected virtually, marking the third AGM to take place having converted to a Public Limited Company, a spokesman said.

This year, a limited number of shareholders including the Board of Directors, Key Management Personnel, Auditors, Legal Advisers, and Company Secretaries were physically present at the location, while others connected to the event virtually, the spokesman added.

Although healthcare authorities have relaxed most of the safety measures implemented over the last two years, the company took on the responsibility to ensure that all extensive safety measures were adhered to, to accommodate those who were physically present.

All attendees were able to view and participate in the proceedings, including voting on matters highlighted in the agenda. Resolutions for the meeting and voting were conducted via the online platform, and the votes were then collated and projected on screen.

At the Q&A session which followed the main proceedings, Shareholders who were physically present pitched their questions which were shared with Chairman Dilshan Rodrigo and MD/CEO Chaminda Prabhath, the spokesman said.