Ali Sabry briefs diplomats on political developments


Foreign Minister Ali Sabry, who met the diplomatic community on 1 Monday, outlined the recent political developments in Sri Lanka leading up to the election of President Ranil Wickremesinghe as well as the formation of an All-Party Government.

He said, the related processes had taken place within a democratic, constitutional framework, and he reiterated the commitment of the President to speedily resolve the economic challenges faced by the country in discussion with all relevant partners in the international community as a matter of the highest priority.

The Minister briefed the Colombo-based Ambassadors and High Commissioners on key developments following the election of the new President and the formation of the new Government at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ali Sabry extended his deep appreciation to the international community for the assistance being extended to Sri Lanka to address issues of relevance in the present socio-economic context.

Elaborating on the broad-based, consultative approach adopted by the President in addressing the present challenges, the Foreign Minister referred to ongoing discussions on forming an All-Party Government. Reference was also made to progressive legislative reforms being contemplated in the near-term in accordance with the aspirations of the people.

With regard to the policy priorities of the new Government which would be presented to Parliament by President Wickremesinghe when Parliament reconvenes for its next session today (3), the minister reiterated Sri Lanka’s neutral and non-aligned foreign policy based on the principle of friendship towards all.

He highlighted the longstanding, democratic credentials of Sri Lanka, including the right to peaceful protest, freedom of assembly and expression. These rights are constitutionally guaranteed and upheld by the Government. He apprised the diplomatic community on action taken to restore normalcy in the country within the framework of the law, to ensure the effective functioning of Government. The Minister observed that the emergency regulations enacted in July are subject to regular and periodic review.