Filling stations not getting enough fuel – Dealers


Despite the fact that the National Fuel Pass QR code system has been put in place at many CEYPETCO and Lanka IOC fuel filling stations, the Petroleum Dealers’ Association (PDA) claimed the filling stations are not receiving enough fuel and this has become a major issue.

PDA Co-Secretary Kapila Naotunna said queues were reducing to some extent, but they are not ending because some people who come to obtain fuel must leave without receiving fuel despite having a National Fuel Pass.

He believes the National Fuel Pass QR code system will be a success if the Government can send at least one fuel bowser to the filling station every day.

However, he also said no brawls were reported at gas stations or in fuel lines because many vehicle owners and gas stations were registered with the QR code system.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Power and Energy had announced that all CEYPETCO and Lanka IOC fuel filling stations across the island would implement the National Fuel Pass, which was successfully tested at 1,000 filling stations, beginning on 1 August 2022.

To date, more than one million transactions have been completed, and more than 4.8 million vehicles have been registered for the National Fuel Pass QR code system, which was introduced to allow the general public to easily and formally obtain the fuel they require for a week, subject to a limit.

This system has been tried and implemented by approximately 60 per cent of filling stations in the island, and it has been prioritised in the fuel distribution process.

To register for the National Fuel Pass, go to and fill out the registration form to receive the fuel pass as a QR code. Save it to your mobile device or make a copy of it to present at the appropriate fuel filling station. Each vehicle registered for the service will be entitled to a weekly fuel quota under the new system. The quota (no carryover of unused fuel) is renewed every Sunday.

By Thameenah Razeek