National Fuel Pass goes live islandwide today


The National Fuel Pass QR system will be implemented islandwide beginning today (1), nullifying the previous last digit number plate system, tokens, and other systems.

Fuel distribution will be prioritised for fuel stations that have implemented the QR system, and the system will be monitored to determine the number of QR users from stocks distributed to fuel stations.

The Ministry of Power and Energy said in a special statement that vehicle users who are unable to register with a chassis number will be able to register with a revenue licence number.

The ministry also requested that all three-wheeler owners register with their respective Police Stations and nominate the closest fuel station to them, as well as users of generators, garden equipment, and machinery register with their respective Divisional Secretariats with the type of fuel required, weekly fuel requirement, and choice of fuel station.

Businesses with multiple vehicles can use their Business Registration Number to register all of their vehicles.

The ministry also stated that public transportation will be prioritised, and that bus fuel quotas will be allocated at Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) depots, with the quota determined by the route permit and the number of kilometres travelled.

SLTB depots will also meet the diesel fuel needs of school service vehicles, office transport vehicles, industries, the tourism sector, ambulances, and other government-approved essential services.

Ambulances should be prioritised at all fuel stations and given the requested amount of fuel.

The Police will be given a quota from selected fuel stations in each Police division, which will be communicated. The public will be able to send photos or videos of illegal fuel stockpiling or sales activities to 0742123123 via WhatsApp.

“QR repeat offenders will have their access temporarily revoked, and legal action will be taken as a result. Please do not overcrowd the fuel stations on Monday, the entire week is available to get the allocated quota from fuel stations islandwide,” the ministry said.