Decaying Welikanda CPC depot can be put to use – locals


Polonnaruwa locals claim that a large fuel depot belonging to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) near Welikanda, Polonnaruwa has been decaying for more than 33 years.

According to representatives of a local farming organisation, there are five large tanks belonging to this fuel storage that can be transported by train and stored, and one tank can hold 54,000 litres of fuel.

Ven. Dimbulagala Rahula Lankara Thera, the registrar of the Dimbulagala Buddha Shrewaka Sangha Sabha, who went to investigate, stated that the fuel depot, which was closed due to terrorist threats, can serve not just Polonnaruwa but also surrounding districts.

“Paddy will be harvested in the Mahaweli B zone, which includes the Polonnaruwa District and the surrounding districts, in a few weeks, and the fuel required for mechanical equipment can be stored here. If this weed-infested fuel store is used and the necessary fuel is stored, it will be convenient for both farmers and traffic drivers in the region,” he said.

Locals also noted that if the storage complex is repaired and put to use, the cost of transporting fuel from Colombo and Kurunegala and distributing it to fuel stations can be reduced that and more money can be saved since there is a facility to transport fuel to the storage by train.

BY Nimal Jayaratne – Manampitiya