Cardinal says culprits still involved in politics


Colombo Archbishop, Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith alleged that those responsible for the Easter Sunday bombings in 2019 are still involved in politics and work as Police Officers.

He claimed that the truth about the Easter Sunday Attacks was swept under the carpet because powerful people in the country were behind them.

He said this while preaching at the annual feast of St. James Church in Mutuwal.

He added that no proper investigations had been conducted into the recovery of a hand grenade at All Saints’ Church in Borella.

“The hand grenade was kept in that church by powerful people from the previous government and the defence establishment. However, innocent people were arrested, including the caregivers. They were assaulted and coerced into signing certain documents,” he added.

He also said that those who detonated bombs in three churches and a few hotels in 2019 are still involved in politics and work as cops.

“As a result, our cry for justice has been ignored. However, as Catholics, we must continue to pray for justice to be served. Catholics in Mutuwal have historically been strong witnesses to Catholicism. They began a struggle (aragalaya) when the Government took over Catholic schools in the 1960s. We can honour them today only if we follow in their footsteps and become devout Catholics,” the Cardinal said.

By Mithun Jayawardena