13 arrested for misdemeanours at fuel stations


Police said 13 people have been arrested so far for misbehaving at fuel stations.

This includes two people arrested in the Polonnaruwa Police Division yesterday (31 July) morning for drunken and riotous behaviour near a fuelling station.

A person from Angunukolapalassa was arrested for obstructing the duty of police officers at a fuel station in the Hungama area.

Meanwhile, two intoxicated young men were arrested for quarrelling with a field officer of a co-operative society at a petrol queue in Yakkala area. They had obstructed a Police officer who tried to control the situation.

According to the Police, a person who assaulted a field officer of a cooperative society in a fuel queue outside the Higurakgoda cooperative filling station was also arrested and a sharp weapon found in his possession was taken into custody.

A person has tried to set fire to his own motorcycle in Karandeniya area was arrested after the intervention of the fuel station’s workers.

Some other unruly behaviour was also reported at petrol stations in Padukka, Galgamuwa, Kattankudi, Talahena, Imaduwa and Miriswatta.

By Sahan Tennekoon