Nearly 25,000 Ha set aside to grow maize


Minister of Agriculture Mahinda Amaraweera said there had been a significant breakdown in country’s milk, egg and poultry production, adding that if this situation continues, there is a risk of a complete collapse of poultry and egg production next year.

 He noted that at present, liquid milk production has decreased by 19.8 per cent, chicken meat production by 12.1 per cent and egg production by 34.9 per cent, adding that the livestock industry has collapsed due to the lack of maize and other products required for the production of animal feed, as well as the shortage of chemical fertiliser and fuel.

 Thereby, Amaraweera suggested starting a programme to provide urea fertiliser for maize production this season while providing seeds and urea fertiliser needed to grow maize on more land in the next season.

He added thereby that 25,000 hectares from Moneragala, 5,000 acres in Maduru Oya, 500 acres in Kantale and 3,000 acres of the Kandakadu farm have been planned to be cultivated for such purpose.