Momentum is Crucial


Being a student in the middle of a major political and economic crisis that’s going in isn’t easy, and under such circumstances, it would hardly be considered easy to maintain a healthy mindset to overcome the existing challenges, let alone succeed in your academic work. Even so, students have no choice but to press forward, and maintaining momentum will be crucial for any student to persevere regardless of the circumstances.

What is momentum?

It’s a term that you would find familiar from Newton’s second law of motion, in which he explained an objects force to be equal to its change in momentum. Although it may seem pretty difficult to grasp, we experience the phenomena of momentum every day. From our hand that gets pushed back when catching a ball, to a car moving on its own even when the engine is shut off, this is all the effect of momentum.

In the world of physics, the more momentum an object has, the more force is needed to make it slow down and eventually stop. That’s because the momentum built up by the object can overcome the opposing forces that are working against it (friction for example).              

But this possibly applies outside of the world of physics as well. When we say our favourite player or sports team is ‘on a roll,’ we talk of how this can build momentum to a stronger chance of victory.

From my personal experience, and observing those I know who have achieved great academic and career success, it’s clear that momentum was a crucial element to help them achieve what they have.

Momentum is crucial

For average students, it may seem that the high-achievers have tapped into some hidden energy or force that allows them to reach such heights when the others are left behind. But I assure you, the secret is straightforward and more important than ever given the circumstances.

The constant delays and postponement of examinations, increasing course fees and other educational expenses, topped with a crashing economy, the political crisis we are in, and the overall uncertainty of each day in Sri Lanka are certainly not the most conducive for anyone, let alone a student. But it is when the opposition is strongest that having momentum will be the most crucial. It allows students to be more resilient, and stay on track despite the constant setbacks.

Consistency is key

While many star-class students might already have momentum propelling them forward, it’s not too late for those who may be struggling to build up their momentum, and consistency will be key to making it happen.

Sadly, given the circumstances, you’ll be swimming against an even stronger current than usual to build momentum in your academic career. But the most important key skill you need to practice is to be consistent in all that you do. It means following a productive study plan and schedule religiously until it becomes second nature, and consistently improve in your performance.

Easier said than done when the entire country around you is collapsing in front of you. It requires building strong mental resilience to remain strong and steadfast in your goal. There are many things you can do to keep yourself mentally resilient during a crisis, but learning about that is for another edition of Education Today.

Being consistent with a resilient mindset will be crucial to your survival and even success amidst such dire circumstances as a student. But equally as important is being able to keep your ear on the ground and seek opportunities for your advancement. Ceylon Today wishes you well.

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage