Meth tablets found inside foot massager


Central Mail Transfer Division of Sri Lanka Customs seized nearly 3,000 methamphetamine tablets, worth over Rs 29 million, which was found in a parcel hidden inside a foot massager.

Customs Spokesman and Director General Sudatta Silva noted that the parcel was imported by a person residing in Ganemulla, by post from the Netherlands. It was inspected by the officials of the Central Mail Transfer Division of Sri Lanka Customs on 27 July, since no one cleared it for a considerable period and the officials grew suspicious about it.

The individual who imported it had informed Customs what was in the parcel and on the suspicion, the machine was opened and inspected. A total of 2,973 methamphetamine tablets, weighing around 1.12 kg were found carefully hidden in it.

After carrying out the initial investigation in this regard, the drug stock was handed over to the Police Narcotics Bureau for further investigation.

By Nabiya Vaffoor