Dear 2022,


I know you tried real hard not to relapse but I guess you just couldn’t keep going the way you did.

You succumbed to the patterns of your predecessors, and here we are dealing with a scenario vastly different from anything we’ve seen before – in the worst possible way. However, I’m here to say, we know you did your best. You listened to all our prayers and caught onto all the wishes that so many of us put out into to the universe as we departed 2021. We saw you frantically dig deep into the trenches of the ugly hole in the messy garden of the decade, searching for some fairy dust to sprinkle with a semblance of normalcy on us. And for a while it worked. In fact, we thought you were the incantation we needed, working your magic to grant us what we had yearned for. Until of course we realised you were just Cinderella, doing everything you could before your clock struck midnight and you had to make a run. There was no choice, you were getting the stepmother treatment and you had no choice but to inject that gloom and doom into the optimism we had for the next 365 days. 

On a scale of reality, we had an escape only for as tall as Snow White’s dwarfs –very short.

Unlike the last few years where we had to focus on one major damage to repair, these last couple of months we’ve not only had to reel from the impact of the worst phase of the COVID -19 pandemic, but also with what was buckling under; an extreme economic collapse coupled with political turmoil and the beautifully packaged humanitarian crisis, all at the same time. In addition to that, we have a concerning number of COVID-19 and mosquito-loving dengue cases on the rise, mind you, amidst a shortage of medicine. And on a global scale, I don’t think you’re particularly proud of this one, you’ve got the Russian invasion of Ukraine –by far the most disturbing event – sticking out like a sore thumb while monkeypox, another rare disease we need to caution ourselves against is percolating beneath the status of a ‘global health emergency’ as a pandemic in waiting.

If you were wondering how you could top anything your predecessors blessed us with, bad year after bad year – I’d say you’ve trounced. Bottom line, you are no different from those before you, if anything, you are far worse.

Not to say you didn’t do some exceptionally unbelievable things, like galvanising an entire nation to call for a change we wouldn’t have dreamt of even a year ago, making a reality. Or forcing us to walk miles in our own shoes to realise the convenience store in our designated area is indeed just 12 breathless gasps of air away and we are perfectly capable relying on our legs to get us there instead of booking transportation through ride-hailing apps which came with exorbitant prices attached to it, even back then. Bicycles, remember those? They’ve made a comeback along with the universe’s twisted sense of humour that brought an unprecedented-one-seat-in-the-house parliamentarian to presidency in exchange for the un‘presdented’. On the same line, we have real rogues being allowed in the Chamber while easy targets and insignificant offenders are treated atrociously by the State –told you it was twisted.

Turns out, you don’t have too many plus points before everything turns to dark.

Given nearly half a year remains unexplored, my wish is that you find where that glass slipper fits and give yourself the fairy-tale ending you deserve.


By Dilshani Palugaswewa