CEB’s attitude toward reviving power sector “is appalling”- Kanchana


Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera says the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) needs to be restructured, claiming that their attitude towards reviving the power sector “is appalling”.

Minister Wijesekera said, he hopes to get Cabinet approval to separate the Generation, Transmission and Supply functions of the CEB.

The decision was reached during yesterday’s progress review meeting of the power sector.

The Minister revealed that the CEB had not initiated or commissioned any new major power plants since 2014.

He highlighted that renewable energy is the way forward to revive the power sector, however, the attitude towards facilitating such projects are appalling.

Minister Wijesekera said that while tariff adjustments are also needed, it has to be with a plan to reduce generation cost and increase the use of renewable energy.