Can everyone heal?


“I was about to begin the healing process for myself. I realised it was time for me to finally cross over to the realm I had thus far seen only in mind but now needed action to manifest as reality,” writes Sonia Mackwani, in her preface to the story Behind the book, Everyone Can Heal.

What better time than the present to heal? But we are not necessarily talking about ailments and illnesses in their proper sense. Even though a healed self would definitely do wonders to curing all those ailments, the book focuses on the broader sense of healing. If you were to do a study of all those who are ‘wounded’ but bounced back to life, you would definitely understand that the healing has to come from within. Most people forget this. Those who do understand often get misled by someone who claims to have the ‘power’ to heal you. The rest try it on their own, in ways what they feel is right and fail to achieve the desired effect. This is why it is extremely important to do it methodologically and with guidance.

With her unique metaphysical experiences starting from childhood, Mackwani has walked the path of meditation, healing and divine mysticism. With a Masters in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy being a guide, mentor and a healer Macwani teaches healing techniques around the world. In 2013 she bumps into a friend who thanks her for doing a 21-day series of healing process with her three years ago, something she did over the phone.  She had channelled some healing from the universe for this friend. Macwani is also moved to hear that the friend’s physically challenged 6-year-old son too had taken part in this. Now, the little boy who found it tough to walk was standing up and walking a little. It mesmerises Macwani that the healing process had worked for a tiny 6-year-old. Making it even more amazing, the boy in turn had healed Macwani’s stomach pain on the day they met, using the very same process Macwani had shared with him and his mother. Author calls it her confirmation that the healing was initially for herself and then an opening of a process to those willing. 

Book unravels methodically from ‘Preparing Yourself to Heal’ and ‘The Art of Channelling’. There starts the 21 days where the connecting process for the self, healing process for relationships and the process for healing others. Some chapters give you subheads; You and I are Beautiful, Healing is Movement, and so on.

She breaks the process into 21 days and it is a matter of taking it one day at a time. Even though the English reader is often blessed with plenty of books that deal with the same, Lankans who are only familiar with Sinhala rarely gets the exposure of such books. That is where the translation of Everyone Can Heal comes in handy. Sathuta Vitharai Sathuta Uthurai is the Sinhala translation done by  . Bringing it to the Sinhala readers, Dias has preserved the simplicity and clarity Macwani’s original maintains. Told in simple language, the translator Dias does not make Sathuta Vitharai Sathuta Uthurai an ordeal. It is not a preaching either. Usually, when an English book is translated to Sinhala, especially those discussing technical matter make it unpleasant for the reader. Yet, Sathuta Vitharai Sathuta Uthurai puts it simply as it is. It is your own course of meditation and channelling your energy the right way to make the most of it.

We usually spend lots of money on training sessions. But how does it feel to have your own guide with you, talking to you personally? You take your own time and you are at peace. There are no distractions. Even more than calling it a book, I would call it your own personalised course. If you do it right, you would experience the change. Regardless of what the world says everyone can heal. It is a matter of taking the right path. That can only be a guided path. The book comes in handy because it becomes your own master providing you with individual sessions. It also provides Q&A where many general questions are answered. At your pace, at your leisure-Sathuta Vitharai Sathuta Uthurai is your personal guru to find your healing.

By Priyangwada Perera