Agree with conditions imposed by aid agencies – Sajith


Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said he fully agrees with the suggestions of World Bank, Fitch rating agency as well as foreign diplomats like Samantha Power on overcoming the economic crisis in Sri Lanka.

Addressing the media on Friday (29), Premadasa noted that foreign diplomats such as Samantha Power clearly say the stability of the country must be secured and there must be a macroeconomic framework.  It is questionable what the members of the current Government have done in the last few months without setting this framework, he stressed.

He further said the country can be built in this situation only with a new mandate.

“Don’t play political games. Give a chance for a stable mandate to build the country. At a time where survival in this country has become difficult for the public, the current Government is engaged in political gambling. In this gambling, there is no solution to the problems of all people such as fuel, gas, milk powder and fertiliser,” he added.

Premadasa said, the country needs a new Government and it should disappear in a new mandate without a private agreement and it should be done through a poll.

By Nabiya Vaffoor