Tusker Barana electrocuted!


Veterinary Surgeon of the Wild Life Conservation Department, Dr. Isuru Hewakottage said the post mortem conducted on the tusker known as ‘Barana’ which was found dead at the Kalaweva National Park on 26 July,  revealed that the tusker had been killed as a result of being electrocuted.

Officials of the Galkiriyagama Wild Life Office had found the body of the tusker which had roamed the Kalaweva National Park at Namal Uyana on 26 July. The pachyderm at the time of its death had been around 35-years-old and was nine feet tall whilst possessing tusks which were four feet long. Veterinary Surgeon, Dr. Hewakottage conducted the post mortem on 27 July. Inquiries are being conducted to arrest the suspects behind the killing of the ‘Barana’ tusker by officers of the Galkiriyagama Wild Life Office.

BY Prasanga Ekanayake – Madatugama