Many Northern public servants not transferred


Governor of the Northern Province Jeevan Thiagarajah said many public administration employees in the Northern Province have been working for more than ten years without being transferred or seeking transfers.

He said he has notified the Government to replace some of the Northern Province’s public employees.

The Governor said the transfer policy should be uniform and mandatory for all. According to the Governor, the Chief Secretary Northern Province, the Governor’s Office, and the Public Service Commission are all involved in transferring public servants.

He said, despite the fact that transfers are required after five years, many employees have remained in their positions for more than ten years. “In the Northern Province, there are seven such senior transfers with long service.”

He said seven people had been identified at the top level of special Grade Class 1 and that two people had requested transfers for about three years, but had not been granted, adding that there are provincial directors too.

He further said some had requested transfers, but had not received them. Some want to take a transfer, delaying the opportunity for others.

He pointed out that some are also being transferred within the province and not going out of the Province. 

“Such a policy is unfair, whereas others are given transfers after five years,” he added. Governor Thiagarajah on two such transfers had sent a letter on 26 July, informing that Northern Province Local Government Ministry Secretary, L. Ilangovan and Provincial Secretary, P. Senthilnandan are being transferred from the Province. Local Government Commissioner M. Patrick Niranjan has replaced Ilangovan, and Kuganathan has replaced Provincial Council Secretary Senthilnandan.

Similarly, the Director of the Northern Province Ministry of Agriculture and the Director of the Northern Province Building Department have also been transferred.

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan