Legal action against overcharging in buses


Western Province Road Passenger Transport Authority Superintendent Jagath Perera said legal action will be taken against bus conductors who overcharge passengers.

Perera said more than 20 complaints were received in this connection.

He said it is mandatory to display the revised fares in buses and charging more than the stipulated fare is a serious offense. Therefore, fines will be imposed on bus owners and conductors who charge more.

He also noted the driving licence of bus drivers can be temporarily suspended and depending on the number of complaints received, the licence can be completely revoked.

Meanwhile, special raids have been launched throughout the country in response to these allegations. Complaints can be made by calling 011-2860860. Despite the government’s efforts to reduce the minimum bus fare by two rupees, passengers accuse bus drivers and conductors of failing to provide the benefit of the reduced bus fare. Passengers are complaining that the minimum bus fare of Rs 40 has been reduced by two rupees, but the conductors are charging the full Rs 40 despite the fare revision.

BY Mithun Jayawardena