Foot pilgrims trek thru’ Kumuna jungle path


Following the opening of the Kumuna jungle path to Kataragama on 22 July, an unprecedented number of foot pilgrims set out on pilgrimage from Uhamantha to Kataragama.

Trustees and devotees of the Hindu Temples in the East welcomed the pilgrims who began their pilgrimage from Jaffna Selvechannithi Aaalayama on 4 June, completed the 57th day on foot which included the Karaithivu Kannakai Amman Aaalayam in the Ampara District.

It has been recorded that over 6,000 pilgrims walked the jungle path on the first day. Our photographs show pilgrims walking to Kataragama chanting ‘Arohara’ following a special pooja at Uhantha Malai Murugan Aalayam, which was attended by Additional Government Agent V. Jegatheean.

(Pic by M. A. P. Deen- Ampara)