Distribution of Dry Ration at S De S Jayasinghe Central College


With the country facing unprecedented challenges from the scarcity of essentials and economic meltdown, LIOC  and Indian CEO Forum (ICF) continue their  endeavour and belief  of giving back to the society through numerous CSR activities. Education is the biggest tool that goes a long way for eradication of poverty. At the same time, nourishment of the school children attains the topmost priority for the society, especially for those from lower-income families. LIOC and ICF further stepped up their commitment towards social upliftment by way of distributing dry rations worth Rs2 million to needy families of the students of S De S Jayasinghe Central College, Dehiwela.

This initiative of LIOC and ICF have been deeply acknowledged by the school management and appreciated by the local community for coming forward during this challenging time and taking care of the needy families. The sharp rise in inflation especially in food items has made it difficult for people at large to fulfill their daily needs.

Speaking on the occasion, LIOC MD Manoj Gupta said, “LIOC always endeavours to come forward and contribute to a virtuous cause. Our ongoing initiatives are always aimed in line with the nation’s requirement for fighting against economic challenges, addressing the present scarcity of food items and ensuring ‘continuum  education’ of needy students.”

Those who attended this ceremony include, LIOC MD Manoj Gupta, Principal Jagath Idamegam, Dep. Principal Sabitha Gunathilaka; representing the ICF, Umesh Gautham, CEO- Lanka Ashok Leyland and  Kishore Reddy MD- Platinum Reality Investments, One Hospitality, PTPL (Lanka).

LIOC and ICF also extended their gratitude towards the school management for giving this noble opportunity and assured them their continuoussupport and assistance in the best possiblemanner.

As a socially responsible organisation, LIOC always operates with its strong fundamentals and endeavours towards connecting society through its various CSR activities that add value to the society.