Businesses can now register multiple vehicles


Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekara said businesses with multiple vehicles can register all their vehicles on the National Fuel Pass, using their Business Registration Number.

He tweeted that the weekly fuel requirements for machinery must be registered with the respective Divisional Secretariats.

Wijesekara previously said the National Fuel Pass would be upgraded to allow businesses and organisations with multiple vehicles to register all of their vehicles with a Business Registration Number. He stated, after verification, each vehicle will be assigned a unique QR code.

Meanwhile, Secretary to the Ministry of Power and Energy M. P. D. U. K. Mapa Pathirana has issued a circular with regard to distribution of fuel to all District and Divisional Secretaries.  It reiterated that the necessary steps to issue fuel only through the QR code system would begin on 1 August, 2022. According to the circular, all three-wheelers must be registered at the Police station of the respective jurisdiction, and one filling station will be designated for easy refuelling based on the preferences of three-wheeler owners.

Divisional Secretaries and Garama Niladhari Officers must take the necessary steps to direct the three-wheelers to the Police station for registration. Under the QR code system, the amount of fuel issued to three-wheeler owners during the relevant week should be obtained from the prescribed fuel station. Priority will be given to metered passenger transport three-wheelers, and assistance should be provided to direct personal three-wheelers to the appropriate Police stations for registration. The stock of fuel issued for the vehicles of ministries, departments, and government institutions is managed, and the necessary facilities to register the relevant vehicles will be promptly provided by an officer authorised under the QR code system.

Pathirana has mentioned that arrangements should be made to provide development officers and multi-task force department officers, attached to regional secretariat offices, with assistance at the fuel stations. Ceylon Petroleum Corporation’s regional managers are in the process of informing petrol station owners about this.

“I expect constant supervision by the District Secretaries and Divisional Secretaries in order to maintain good control and management of the fuel distribution activities, and I emphasise the importance of resolving them with the coordination of the relevant departments and with the guidance of this ministry. I would also like to inform you that if any clarification is required regarding this circular, please contact the Additional Secretary (Development) (Telephone No. 071-5302471),” he said.

By Thameenah Razeek