Three-wheelers urged to register with Police


Three-wheeler owners and drivers are urged to register their vehicles with their respective Police Divisions and designate one fuel station before 31 July 2022, since three-wheelers will only be allowed to obtain fuel from the fuel station where they are registered beginning 1 August.

Meanwhile, the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) has revised the quantity of diesel and petrol to be issued per vehicle category per week. Accordingly, the weekly diesel quota for buses will be 40 litres, 4 litres for quadricycles, 5 litres for three-wheelers, 20 litres for vans, 20 litres for cars, 50 litres for special purpose vehicles, 15 litres for land vehicles, and 50 litres for lorries.

The weekly quota for petrol will be as follows: 4 litres for a bike, 4 litres for a quadricycle, 5 litres for a three-wheeler, 20 litres for a van, 20 litres for a car, 50 litres for a special purpose vehicle, 15 litres for a land vehicle, and 50 litres for a lorry.

Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekara also requested that all users of garden equipment, generators, and other fuel-requiring equipment register their requirements in their respective divisional secretariats with their weekly fuel requirements while nominating one fuel station to obtain the requirement, in a tweet.

He also said that vehicle owners who are unable to register with the chassis number will be able to register with the revenue licence beginning 29 July. Users of 49CC bikes must register with the Department of Motor Traffic in order to obtain licences and join the National Fuel Pass programme.

Meanwhile, Cabinet Spokesman Dr. Bandula Gunawardena stated that over 4 million people have registered for the Ministry of Power and Energy’s National Fuel Pass programme.

He noted that all vehicles with a valid revenue licence are eligible for registration, and that 245 filling stations, equipped to launch the National Fuel Pass programme on 25 July, have provided diesel and gasoline to 70,123 vehicles.

He also said yesterday, at the weekly Cabinet media briefing, that Wijesekara has submitted Cabinet Papers to establish an advisory committee and an officer committee to ensure a continuous supply of fuel.

By Thameenah Razeek