HNB reaffirms commitment to sustainable development with Project LIFE


Strengthening its commitment to invest in sustainable growth, Sri Lanka’s premier private sector bank HNB PLC, completed its 4th year of restoring and managing a 2.5 hectare block of degraded rainforest land at the Kanneliya Forest Reserve, a spokesman said.

The five-year restoration programme implemented by Biodiversity Sri Lanka (BSL) with the technical support of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), functions under the guidance of the Forest Department. The Bank has been an active contributor to the restoration project which ensures the establishment of on-site nurseries, fertilising plants, soil conservation, improving plant protection methods and ensuring the plants are watered during the dry season, he added.

Commenting on the completion of another impactful year, HNB Head of Sustainability/DGM/CHRO, L Chiranthi Cooray said, “We at HNB are pleased to see the progress made at the Kanneliya Forest Reserve. A land that was once considered destroyed is now on its way to becoming a replenished source of life, home to multiple species in the country’s ecosystem”.

“Partnering with a project of such significance solidifies HNB’s sustainable development, not only within the organization but also in the environment it so successfully thrives in. We are grateful to the BSL, the IUCN and also the Forest Department for batting on despite the economic uncertainty. Their efforts to sustain the country’s ecological resources must be commended, and HNB looks forward to supporting them through to the end of the project,” he added.