Almost every individual in the world is, more or less; concerned about their beauty and appearance, and indeed it is never a detrimental thing. Nonetheless, it raises the question whether you are equally concerned about the self part; physical, mental, social and spiritual. Yes, beauty is mere a fraction of self-care and there’s a lot more to it. So, just face masks and bubble baths don’t mean that you are taking care of yourself. Ergo, World Self-Care Day (24) is a great kick start to pay more attention on looking after the self.

The International Self-Care Day

The origin of the term ‘self-care’, traces not very far into the history, and only during the 1950s, the medical world latches on the word. Although the concept of self-care had been brought out, it was still considered as selfish and unnecessary, or even unhealthy in the West. Thus, a meager attention was paid onto personal care, paving the way for many diseases amongst the society.

In 1970s and 80s the word self-care commenced to whirl around the queer communities as an approach to self-preservation. In a context where minority and queer communities were overlooked, underserved, and forgotten, the practice of self-care was essential for their healthy existence. Yet, it was a very enclosed idea and thus didn’t give out a holistic approach to the total personal health of an individual. However, during this time, Patient care gradually evolved towards the concept of person-centric involving self-care, which eventually gave forth the present idea of self-care.

The International Self-Care Day was declared by the WHO in 2011, with the aim of “increasing awareness of the significance of self-care and to equip individuals with the information and skills necessary to participate in their wellness.”


 “Self-care almost always involves some clear positive intentions, commitment of time, and focused attention,” Cliff Smyth of the Department of Mind-Body Medicine, College of Integrative Medicine and Health Science says.

Going with this year’s theme, ‘Resilience’, there’s a lot to do for you; to be healthy and happy during the post-pandemic context where everyone has to be stressed in one way other. Coming to the Sri Lankan context, it is crystal clear that any other theme wouldn’t be more apt. given that the whole country is going through a huge political and economic turmoil. Thus, it is inevitable that everyone experiences stress and anxiety. Anyways, by taking care of the self-physically as well as mentally and spiritually will help to cope up with these difficult times.

Also, it is important to understand that the concept of self-care is not an egoistic approach to health. In taking care of one’s self, he takes care of the others’ selves also as he diminishes the risk of spreading diseases and other health related problems that could affect the people around him. So, being in good physical health and having a clear and calm mindset would allow you to prevent many difficulties as well as to assist your near and dear ones through the tough times that are being experienced as a nation.

What to do

Secret of the success lies in a good start. So, starting your day happy and healthy would have a huge impact on the rest of the day as well. Simultaneously, starting to take care of the self, and dedicating a portion of time for a health-care routing will reward you with many benefits in the rest of your life. So, here’s a brief list of things that you can practice to keep yourself in a good condition.

– Start your day with a positive vibe

– Engage in regular physical activity

– Drink plenty of water

– Do some yoga

– Meditate a bit

– Get close to the nature

– Read a book, watch a movie, listen to some good music

– Take a nice bath

– Connect more with people/ Boost-up the relationships

By Induwara Athapattu