Poultry farmers consider quitting industry


Chairman of the All Ceylon Egg Producers’ Association (ACEPA) R. M. Sarath Ratnayake says that due to the spike in fuel prices and chicken prices also rising, those engaged in the poultry industry have been forced to consider moving to other industries for survival.

He stated that currently around 50 per cent of hens have been moved out of poultry farms and some have been sold for meat.

He noted that due to scarcity of food for animals, their weights have also seen a marked decline. Ratnayake added that due to this bleak situation many farmers are not wanting to continue poultry farming and hence they are striving to  engage in other trades.

He mentioned that due to the escalating cost of fuel and the expenses in transporting eggs to market, a farmer  is currently forced to incur an additional sum of 45 rupees, per egg to sustain his livelihood which has become unbearable.

Ratnayake warned that the price of an egg could shoot up to 55 rupees shortly.

He further observed that the production of eggs here has already declined by 40 per cent and that before long the government will be compelled to import eggs.

By Amith Gamage