More than 16272 MT of fertiliser distributed


Over 16,272.59 MT of Urea fertiliser, recieved under the Indian Credit line, has been distrbuted through the Department of Agriarian Development by 24 July .

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, as of 24 July, 956 MT urea was distributed to the Western Province, 511 MT to the Central Province, 1,171 to the North Western Province, 437 to the Sabaragamuwa Province, 3,639 to the Southern Province, 497 MT to the Northern Province, 4250 MT to the Eastern Province, 6,710 MT to the North Central Province and 1,048 MT to the Uva Province.

The highest quantity of Urea fertliser distributed was said to be in the Polonnaruwa District amounting to 5,380 MT and accordingly fertiliser required for the 304,734.94 hectares of paddy land for the Yala season has been distributed. The Ministry noted that there would be a continuous supply of fertiliser as there is an increasing demand from farmers.