Longer power cuts inevitable – CEBEU


The Ceylon Electricity Board Engineers’ Union (CEBEU) said there is no commitment on the part of relevant stakeholders to resolve the electricity crisis noting that, power cuts longer than three hours is inevitable.

CEBEU observed that only measures to manage the crisis on a daily basis have been taken in order to meet political aspirations.

“To make things worse, senior most engineers holding key positions and having the necessary subject expertise have been forcefully sidelined to facilitate direct intervention of political authorities in the daily decision-making pertaining to highly specialised subjects leading to the sector collapsing,” CEBEU noted.

They added if key engineering decisions in the country are continued to be taken by politicians sidelining/disregarding expert engineer’s advice, the country would return to having to impose longer power cuts in future. 

“This is identical to how the economy in the country had been mismanaged leading public to catastrophe,” CEBEU added.